Friday, 2 March 2012

The Play So Far

The Play So Far

  • J.B Priestly was a famous play writer born in 1894. Much of his writing was ground-breaking and controversial - he included strong political views and often critised the Government. He was also concerned about social inequality in Britain.
  • At the beginning of the play, Priestly presents a versimilitude of a traditional family celebrating an engagement. They are all very posh and well-spoken. The tone set is quite relaxed. We automatically get an impression of the characters from the stage directions at the beginning of Act 1.
  • Birling is presented as quite arrogant and often gives long speeches, in which Priestly incorporates dramatic irony (putting the audience in a stronger position) when talking about how 'the Germans don't want war' and how the Titanic is 'absolutely unsinkable'. This makes Birling seems idiotic and the audience does not really value his views.
  • The arrival of the Inspector conveys a feeling of mystery to the audience and possibly worry. His arrival is unexpected and should slightly startle the audience.
  • The Inspector is described as someone who can make 'an impression of massiveness' just from walking into a room. Even though he means well and is just doing his job, people may still be wary of him and his superior knowledge.
  • At first, Birling seems welcoming to the inspector - offering him a seat and some port. The Inspector is quite cold with him and Birling soon gets frustrated and impatient with him and his mysteriousness. Birling does not like how the Inspector controls the conversation and is knowledgable about something he is not.

by Sally Abel

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