Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Compare the way 2 of the poems use language to convey emotions.' - Partial answer.

Different types of emotions are conveyed throughout the relationships section in the anthology. It is something that can be focused on throughout to emphasise the feeling of a moment, a significant event or to express how the writer sees different things. Emotion is used in the poem 'Quickdraw' to emphasise the female speakers feelings of betrayal, hurt and to show how scared she is to lose something precious to her. In 'Brothers', emotion is used to show a sibling relationship and how the early stages of resentment, can have a profound effect later on in life.
    Quickdraw uses a lot of enforced breaks in the first three stanzas: this gives an erratic pace like an argument. This is conveyed at the start of the seconds and third stanza mostly.
    In the third stanza, through the female speaker, Carol Ann Duffy portrays an emotion of despair, epitomised by the 'Last chance saloon'. This is a metaphor for the couple arguing and are at breaking point, their last chance. The last chance saloon is a bar in America: it's name reveals it's literal meaning.
The use of words with reference to old western, reinforces the fact that she feels wounded and hurt by the things that are suggestively spoken by the other person she is argueing with. this is prtrayed in sentences such as, 'your vocie, a pellet' - 'you choose your spot then blast me'.

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